Fiarenanas new community built school

The school in Fiarenana, Zahana’s second, is to be completed soon by the community and January 17 has been chosen as the date for the official inauguration. The teacher has been trained by Zahana and is living in the community.

• Slide show of the community building their school

• Inaugurating the community built school in Fiarenana

We just learned in December 2009 that the parents and children decided to already attend school, despite the incomplete building, without finished doors or windows. The school bell rings early in the morning often before 7 am and all 55 children in the village rush to school. They stay all day and are all taught by one teacher. See our website for more information.

To support the local economy all school uniforms were sewn in the village. Zahana bought the fabric and hired a local woman to sew them. The original plan was to have her sell them to the parents for $2.50, but due to the hard times during the planting season Zahana bought all of them and gave them away to the students.


Fiarenana's new community built school Fiarenana's new community built school

Above: The new school

Students inside the almost finished classroom

Fiadananas students ready to learn

Learn amore about the school for Fiarenana

Fiarenana's new community built school