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Santa came to visit our villages in Madagascar

We got these great photos with the Christmas trees in our schools in Fiarenana and Fiadanana from December 2014. We have so many beautiful pictures, it is hard to choose just a few. We let them speak for themselves.

Since 2006 Santa has been visiting our schools in rural Madagascar. This year he brought gifts with him of cookies, sweets, bread and clothes. About half of the lucky ones also got a doll or a toy car. And yes, Santa is impressive. He is probably the tallest Malagasy the children might ever see in their lives.

Santa in Fairenana

Christmas tree in Fiadanana - zahana.org


angels in fiarenana zahana.org

Santa with a pile of gifts - zahana.org

Liatening to Santa - zahana.org

all cae to see santa zahana.org

santa and the kinds in madagascar - zahana.org

Santa in Faidanana

xmas tree in Faidanana madagasacr zahana.org

santa Fiadanana madagascar - zahana.org


santa in fiadanana madagascar zahana.org

sanata zahana.org