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Back to school is different in Madagascar

Back to school for zahana means every student gets:

to celebrate the special occasion.

explaining how to waer a mask in school in Madagascar

Explaining the masks for school

We opted to give every student their personal bar of soap to wash their hands. They are encouraged to take this bar of soap home and teach the rest of the family to hopefully use it daily. ??They are encouraged to wash their hands with soap before they come to school. In addition we left a three-month supply of soap with the teachers for the school lunch. ?A 14-day supply of vitamin C boosts their immune system, with instruction by their teachers when and how to use it either (if they get it at all) with breakfast or before the school lunch. As a tiny lozenge, the 500 mg vitamin C can be taken without water. Masks in schools are required. The cookies are self-explanatory?.

After months of Covid-19 prevention related closures this new school year starts late, in November. But in 2020 not with long awaited pencils and note books from Zahana, as in prior years.

Explaining the vitamin C lozenges

Vitamin C lozenges