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Brevet d'Etude du Premier Cycle

Done and dore get ready for Madagascar highschoool - zahana

We have very exciting news: High school is so close for Donné and Doré, they can almost touch it.

Both have been admitted to take the BEPC (Brevet d'Etude du Premier Cycle).

The BREC is a nation-wide entrance exam for high school taken in July. Both have been living in the small town of Bevato attending the equivalent of middle school for the past few years (after they passed their CEPE), being first and second in their class almost every year since. We are confident they will pass their BREC with flying colors.

Nine years after the opening of our school in Fiadanana, they will be the first in their community to ever attend high school. Currently they are at home in Fiadanana studying hard for the BREC, full of hope and expectation, since Zahana promised them we would support them all the way through university.