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This website lists links to projects that might be useful for our readers. This collection of links will grow over time. Each website is solely responsible for its own content and Zahana does not endorse or influnce its content.

CHILDREN FOR A BETTER WORLD e.V. wurde 1994 von Florian Langenscheidt mit 30 engagierten Persönlichkeiten aus allen gesellschaftlichen Bereichen gegründet und hilft Kindern ohne Heimat und Hoffnung in der ganzen

Der gemeinnützige Verein mit Sitz in München arbeitet nach drei Grundregeln:

“ Children for a better World” supports children and young people in need. Next to providing instant relief we aim at improving their living conditions in general, enabling children and young people to overcome difficult situations by themselves and to take responsibility for their own lives.

Future Primal - A Book by Louis G Herman
How should we to respond to our converging crises of violent conflict, political corruption and global ecological devastation? In this sweeping big-picture synthesis, Louis G. Herman argues that for us to create a sustainable, fulfilling future, we need to first look back into our deepest past to recover our core humanity. Important clues for recovery can be found in the lives of traditional San Bushmen hunter-gatherers of South Africa, the closest living relatives to that ancestral African population from which all humans descended. Their culture can give us a sense of what life was like for the tens of thousands of years when we lived in wilderness, without warfare, walled cities, or slavery. Herman suggests we draw from the experience of the San and other earth-based cultures, and weave their wisdom together with the scientific story of an evolving universe to help create something radically new—an earth-centered, planetary politics which has the personal truth quest at its heart.

Developed in Hawaii, the BlazingTubeSolarAppliance is an innovative way of harvesting the free energy of the sun for cooking, baking, steaming and even frying food. A large diameter, all vacuum tube is at the core of this new versatile solar cooker technology. Tested and compared to other common solar cookers modles, it can be used on most days of the year successfully. Please visit the website www.blazingtubesolar.com for more information.

Sol Solidar
Sol Solidari introduces clean, renewable and economical efficient technologies to improve the quality of life for millions of people living in poverty, though solar cookers, solar ovens, fuel efficient cookers and rocket stoves.

All Season Solar Cooker invented by Jim La Joie in California. While solving the problems of a folding solar cooker, Jim got the idea of coordinating the reflectors. This gave birth to today’s All Season Solar Cooker.

ADES (ADES Association pour le Développement de l'Energie Solaire Suisse - Madagascar) produces solar cookers and energy-saving stoves in Madagascar and promotes the use of renewable energy sources.

Sarvodaya and Sarvodaya USA
Sarvodaya is Sri Lanka’s largest people’s organisation. Over the last 50 years we have become a network of over 15,000 villages. Today we are engaged in relief efforts in the war-torn north as well as ongoing development projects. Sarvoday's ideas and approaches have been a great inspiration for Zahana's work.

SRI, the System of Rice Intensification.  SRI was developed over two decades ago in Madagascar and can dramatically improve yields, doubling or even tripling crop yields at times. (see Cornell University SRI). SRI has been very successful around the globe, but only works if a community is willing to learn about and adopt new planting techniques. To see what kind of SRI fair trade rice you can get in the USA please visit Lotus Foods. They are in the process to import the unique Madagascar Pink Rice.

To see SRI in action and see what it could mean for fair trade for Madagascar’s pink rice please visit Lotus Foods webpage.

Construire a Madagascar
On this website you will find all the information about construction and all you need to know about building houses in Madagascar in one single site. If you are thinking about purchasing land or looking for useful guidelines about building, you have come to the right place. Please note that this website is mainly in French and Malagasy. An English summary page will be available soon.

• 2012 Annual Rock and Mineral Show in Honolulu: Oct. 13 AND 14

Please also visit the website for Kokua Mau, Hawaii’s Hospice and Palliative Care Organization.