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Building our schools:

Building the first school (2006)

Solar water pasteurization and cooking




Other community development activites addressed by Zahana

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Starting a micro credit system
Addressing hunger (food security)
Introducing new crops
Malaria prevention
Village clean up and building toilets
Building fences and animal pens
The village of Fiarenena
Solar cookers for Madagascar
Improving cook stoves to reduce deforestation      • Pictures of imporved cook stoves in action

Making the bricks: As a corner stone of Zahana’s approach villagers contribute their labor and locally available materials to all the projects. The bricks for the school and the communal rice storage facility were made by the villagers on site.
making bricks in MadagascarMaking bricks in Faidanana Madagascar

Please click for more pictures about brick making

Planting for the future: Fruit trees were panted as past of the living fence of the schoolyard. Reforestation is the next logical step, since firewood for cooking is in high demand.
Planting trees in Madagascarplanting trees in Madagascar

Please click for more pictures of planting trees and the school yard

Improving overall health: A two-day village wide clean up was organized to eliminate diseases like Tungaiasis (transmitted by fleas living in the dust).
cleaning the village_in_Fiadanana_Madagascarcleaning the village

Improving overall health: Children and adults have been examined by volunteer doctors joining Zahana on a special visit.|
waiting for the doctorwaiting for the doctor_in_Fiadanana_Madagascar

Improving overall health:
mosquito nets have been distributed in the village to prevent Malaria.
mosquito nets_in_Fiadanana_MadagascarUsing the mosquito net in the house_in_Fiadanana_Madagascar

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