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Moringa trees in the School Garden

Moringa in Zahanas school garden in MadagascarPlanting Moringa trees is a low-cost cornerstone to improve nutrition in our villages. Getting the schoolteachers involved growing and eating Moringa is a key part of the strategy, so children learn early on how to grow and eat it. We reported different initiatives over the years that involve students. Our two ‘homegrown’ students, Donné and Doré are at the moment still studying at agricultural college. Since they got involved in teaching our students, the school gardens are doing much better. In the last site-visit, most of the attention and the camera lens’ attention, went to the exciting new school building. Thanks to the teacher who pointed them out, in these three pictures you can see the young Moringa trees doing very well.

Just a short recap about Donné and Doré, since some of our readers may not be familiar with them:

Both brothers were among the first seven students from the village that ever passed the CEPE in 2011, the very prestigious primary school exam.

Zahana supported the two to attend secondary school in the nearby village.

Passing all exams with flying colors, they went on to high school and now agricultural college in the closest town nearby.

Soon to be graduating with an agricultural degree, the two are the first of Zahana’s students to accomplish such an amazing achievement and the first in the community to attend college.

A Reforeatation video on YouTube by zahanreforestation zahana video

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Moringa trees in a Madagascar schoolyard