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As the saying goes: Pictures tell a thousand words.

Update December 2021:

A picture galley was a good idea in 2005 when we started with our website (long before Instagram). Our picture galleries now get very few visitors. It takes a great deal of time and efforte to created photo pages and westopped updating the picture galleries . We hope you enjoy the pictures we have.

We hope you will spend some time exploring the different stories told with pictures that you can find on this web page.

We hope these photos provide you with a visual insight into the village life of Fiadanana and now also Fiarenana in Madagascar. We tried to keep the text to a minimum just to provide you with enough context to let the photos speak for themselves. It is difficult to choose among the many pictures, and links on this page are growing over time.

2010 additions:

Planting a school garden

Slide show of the celebrations opening the new school in Fiarenana

2009 additions:

Fiarenanas school is almost finished

Fiarenana builts its school as a community effort

Improved cooks stoves in action

The second village of Fiarenana: Building a new communal water supply

2008 additions:

Expanding Zahanas activities to the second village of Fiarenana

Fiarenana, village of many trees

Fiarenana - access to water status quo in 2008

December 2007 addition:

Santa visits Fiadanana and brings gifts for the children for the first time in their lives.

October 2007 additions:

The village of Fiadanana with many changes and improvements, October 2007

Images of the new communal water faucets from October 2007

Fiadananans School and the Students in October 2007


Photos by subject


Building a water system from the mountains to the village

Water is flowing in the village for the first time in 2006 in Fiadanana

Communal water faucets provide access to clean drinking water for all in Fiadanana (since 2006)

Fiarenana - the second village - access to water status quo in 2008

Building schools

The new school building for Fiadanana in 2006

Building a school for the second village of Fiarenana

Building the communal grain storage building

The women’s groups started a communal garden in the schoolyard

New: Slide show of the celebrations opening the new school in Fiareanana

The village of Fiadanana

Santa comes and visits the school children for the first time

Houses of the village of Fiadanana in 2005

Children of Fiadanana - Groups (2005)

Individual children of Fiadanana (2005)

Planting fruit trees and creating the school garden

Cleaning the village of debris and dust and combating Tungiasis

Making bricks for the school and the grainery (rice storage)

Rice and its Cultural Importance for Madagascar

Celebrating Christmas in Fiadanana 2006