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Raising smaller piglets to sell two months later

Rainig pigs as microcredit in Madagasar - zahanaOver the years we have reported about Donné and Doré, the two, then boys, who passed all their exams and went on to secondary school. Now young men, they live on their own in the town of Tsiroanomandidy to attend agricultural school.

On a sad note we did also report about their father who last year November. He had brought them a bag of rice and on his way back home fell into a ravine at nightfall and died. Since then we have been trying to find creative ways to support their mother. Not only is she a widow, but also her two young strong sons go to school a few (walking) hours away and are not able to help with the work in the rice fields.

So we were delighted when she approached us as one of the two women in the village of Fiadanana who wanted to raise pigs and participate in our micro-credit program. She participated in the ‘traditional’ buy a bigger piglet, feed it, and sell it after 2 months microcredit project. We are very happy to report that she is very proud of her feeding success and has been showing her pigs off to Santa on his latest visit. The bigger pigs will be ready to be sold early next year.

pigs as zahana's microcredit in Madagascar