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Reforestation in Action





Planting trees despite the cyclone weather

Madagascar has experienced an exceptionally devastating cyclone season in early 2015. The severe weather and rain caused a lot of damage and made roads impassable and unsafe. We sent our founder’s nephew, a strong young man, who had to walk the last 20 kilometers on foot to reach our villages.

Dr. Ihanta, Zahana’s founder, sent us this explanatory background note: “The weather was terrible and most of people were forced to stay in their houses most of the time. In our capital many houses collapsed due to the rain and mudslides on the steep hillsides. Unbelievable, but since January it was raining everyday.  We learnt that the last timr we had a similar flood in Madagascar was in 1959 and it was also very serious."

When her nephew checked on the reforestation progress he filed this report (short and concise as usual):

Fiarenana: Planting trees became an habit in the village. The latest numbers to report are:

Fiadanana: International Woman Day: Activity was planting trees . Accounting for recently planted trees:

The schoolyard in Fiarenana in a panorama shot

The schoolyard in Fiarenana in a panorama shot