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Reforestation in Action

Rewarding Reforestation in Madagascar in 2016

In conjunction with the 10-year celebration Zahana gave out rewards for individual reforestation successes.

This time for the most trees planted by and individual that survived the last 3 years.

Yes, it has been 10 years since Zahana built the school and the clean water system in the village of Fiarenana. The fact alone that our communal water system, built by and with the community is still working well and running is cause for celebration. (see Participatory Development Explained).

Our philosophy of thereforestation rewards:

Over the years Zahana emphasized that not the mere number of trees planted, but the number of threes that literally took root, survived and are growing, is what really counts in successful reforestation. Everybody who has ever, even attempted to garden, knows all to well that seeds or even seedling in the ground does not automatically mean a successful plant or harvest. For us the proof is not in the pudding, but in the photos you can see in our reforestation project reports over the years.

The prizes for the most trees planted in Madagagascar - Zahana

The pizes for the most trees planted

Being acknowledged it public with a ceremony is a great honor for the villagers. This honor is independent from social standing or rank within the community, and reflecting a great personal achievement. The presence of a reporter from the local TV station in the closest town of Tsy (the one with the video camera in the photos) added gravitas to the award ceremony. The three most successful tree planters were awarded:

The First prize: A Solar cooker. Once again our master gardener Jean won this award.

The first prize winner for Zahana's reforestation efforts in Madagascar

The Second prize: A rocket cook stove (highly efficient wood fired cooker) was awarded to a woman from the community.

The second prize for reforestation efforts in Madagascar-zahana

The third prize went to another man named “Bary” (a very common name in Madagascar)

The trird prize for reforestation efforts in Madagascar by Zahana

All three finalists got basic necessities that are very valuable in the rural village: a new plastic bucket to carry water, a new plastic tub to wash clothes, a new plastic cup with handle to bail water, coffee, sugar, salt and soap.

A rocket stove comes in many shapes and models. The basic idea is to create a wood fired cooker that uses wood more efficiently, reducing the need for firewood and indoor smoke pollution. The model featured here is sold by the Swiss NGO ADES, who also provides us with the solar cookers over the years. Being realistic they know that promoting an efficient wood-burning cooker in tandem with solar cookers is the most efficient and feasible way to reduce the need for fire-wood that goes hand in hand with reforestation in Madagascar.

A rocket stove to counteract reforestation in Madagascar - Zahana