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Banking on rice in Fiadanana

To address food security in Fiadanana Zahana buys rice in the village and stores it in the village’s grain storage.

Food security is a nice sounding word for “addressing hunger”.

rice bought by Zahana for the village kids

With the international news that rice prices are soaring everywhere this had a big impact in Madagascar where rice is the food #1 people consume. Farmers normally sell their rice right after harvest when trucks roam the countryside offering fast cash for rice. Transporting it to the city they can triple their profits with one trip.

With the lure of fast money, farmers are tempted to sell all they harvest, not saving enough seed for the next planting season. To counteract this trend Zahana bought 2 tons of rice in the village in 2008 that will be used for the school food for the children. The additional rice will serve as a micro-credit seed fund (literally) where farmers can borrow for the next harvest should they fall short, come planting season next year. In return farmers will be required to give more seed back to Zahana after harvest to increase the revolving fund in the seed bank.

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rice for the school food bought by Zahana

rice from faidanana in madagascar

rice bought by zahana for the village seed bank

rice for the school food and the seed bnk in Fiadanana, madagascar

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