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Seed Balls and our Schools in 2022


Seed balls in rural madagascar

Making seed balls has become a tradition after our first workshop in ??? (link). About a year ago, during the winter school break, our students had been making over 2000 seed balls. Our YouTube video shows that it can be a lot of fun to plant trees with the help of seed balls.

Unfortunately, as we reported in our last project report, most of the seed ball seedlings did not survive the dry period after the rainy season. After all, it was an experiment to try something in addition to growing baby trees for reforestation.

The teachers and the students decided to try again this year. Since the rainy season has started earlier than usual the students made seed balls again. Maybe it is just too much fun to miss this creative way of reforestation. We just got some pictures of throwing them into the landscape.

Seedballs in a village in Madagascarseed balls in Madagascar for reforestation