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How does a solar box cooker work?

Ever wondered how the solar box cooker cooks your food? Ask 'S Tscheman Chef and watch a short 3-minute YouTube Movie.

We noticed that these solar cooker videos were not added to the website yet, so without further delay, here they are:

Looking for impoved sound track, how about this one: 'S Tscherman Chef: on cooking with the sun


The easiest and tastiest way to cook breadfruit is in a solar box cooker. Baked in its own juices it comes out perfectly every time and the energy to cook breadfruit perfectly is free. This short video by ‘s Tscherman Chef shows how it is done. Breadfruit is a staple food eaten all over the in Pacific Islands. With energy needed for cooking often a challenge in small Atolls or islands solar cooking is a viable, sustainable alternative, as long as there is sunshine at least for a few hours a day.

Breadfruit, a staple eaten all over the in Pacific Islands is the ideal vegetable for the solar cooker. The 40 second version shows how it is done.