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Building the Water Systems in the Villages of Fiadanana and in Fiarenana

Access to clean water was the community’s top priority in both villages Zahana works with.

Until 2005, all water used for drinking, cooking, and other purposes came from two communal water holes and a nearby river. Women and children carried water in buckets back to the village

Building a communal well in the second village of Fiarenana in 2009

green water fuacet with children drinking in Fiadanana MadagascarIn 2006 the community of Fiadanana built their own water system. It pipes clean water from the mountains into the village - over more than 1.5 miles (2.5 km)! From a large storage tank in the village, it is distributed to seven communal faucets. The community contributed sand, stones and their labor (digging trenches, laying pipe) to the project.


Zahana bought the pipes, cement, and materials not locally available as well as hired water engineers, who lived in Fiadanana for two months directing the project and teaching the villagers how to maintain the system. The system is still working without any problems in 2010. green water faucet with children drinking in madagascar

Until October 2005: 2 communal water holes and a river were the only source of water for the village.(photos below text in this section) 

woman with bucket in water hole_in_Fiadanana_Madagascarwater_hole_in_Fiadanana_Madagascar

October 2006: A permanent water supply is providing water in the center of the village for the first time ever.
Please click here for more pictures about the new water supply

Green_water_storage_Tank_in_Fiadanana_Madagascar_in_Fiadanana_MadagascarGreen water faucet_in_Fiadanana_Madagascar

Click for more pictures of the water faucets all over the village

Building the permanent water system: From building a water reservoir on the mountain to putting in 2.5 km (1.5 miles) long pipe system, the villagers contributed to getting water into their village.

Building the water reservoir for Fiadanana Madagascar Building the water reservoir for Fiadanana madagascar

Please click for more pictures about building the water supply for Fiadanana

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