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Building the first school (2006)




Creating a beautiful environment

Dr. Ramihantaniarivo, Zahana’s founder draws inspiration from Sarvoday in Sri Lanka, one of the largest indigenous community based development organizations. Rooted in Buddhist thinking the Sarvodaya Movement has identified ten elementary and basic needs for development. Number one is:

“A clean and beautiful environment”. 

Creating a beautiful environment is one of these less tangible things. It does not have a dollar value attached. It makes people proud to be living where they are. In the spirit of this development need, the children have been encouraged to plant flowers around their schools. In a arid environment of the highland of Madagascar flower beds are not very common.

How many schools have roses flowering next to their (only) classroom door?

Roses growing at the school in Fiadanana

flowers in the school in Mdagascar - zahana

flower beds in Fiadanana - madagascar flowers in the school in Fiarenena - madagascar- zahana

back of the school in fiadanana madagascar

flowers infornt of the school in madagascar