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Getting Ready for the 23/24 School Year

Painting the school inside with clay in Madagascar

Painting the inside if the school with white clay

The total number of students for this 2023 school year: 160. With 50 in Fiarenana and 110 in Fiadanana.

In Fiarenana, under the leadership of our young energetic teacher Juliet, we have exciting developments. The community is waking up.

For school commencement 2023/24 they community of parents in Fiarenana came together to:

At the end of their first meeting, it was decided to proceed with growing cassava and beans for the students' school soup. In addition, this parent?s association will raise a pig, with assistance from our micro credit. The profit from the pig will be used to finance the making of t-shirts for the celebration of 15th anniversary of our school. The celebration is planned for May 2024.

Big dreams: The students of our schools, have never been to the seaside or seen the ocean, despite the fact that our country is an island. They wish to see the ocean at least once in their lives. So Zahana is seeing how to achieve the dream of these children.

Fixing the rooof os the school pavillion in Madagascar

Fixing the roof of the pavillion


Fixing the roof os the school bathroom

Fixing the roof of the school bathroom

Fixing the floor of the school bathroom

Fixing the floor of the school bathroom