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High School exam passed successfully!

Getting ready for the high school test in MadagascarBy the end of June 2015 we got very exciting news: Donné and Doré had been admitted to take the BEPC (Brevet d'Etude du Premier Cycle) a nation-wide high school entrance exam.

Some of you may remember the two boys (Donné and Doré), who had been living for past few years in the small town of Bevato attending middle school (after they passed their CEPE).

From August 3 to 5 they took the BREC over three days in Tsiroanomandidy. Their very proud parents and Zahana’s ‘Santa’ accompanied them to the town. Santa also helped to find the a place to stay, where they will live and study while in high school.

For over a week everybody waited for the official results to be released. With great pride we can post this August 15 update from Zahana:

“Our brave country boys passed their exam! They are among the 51% in the entire region of Tsiroanomandidy who successfully passed their BEPC. I’m really happy and we will celebrate with them. Supported by Zahana they will be living in Tsiroanomandidy for the next few years and attend high school there. There is no better tenth anniversary gift for Zahana. Back in October 2005, when Raleva our traditional healer donated the land to built our community school nobody even dreamed of such a wonderful result for two of our students. They are the first in their community to ever attend high school”

*Explanatory note: Tsiroanomandidy is the next (and only) bigger town in the area. Tsiroanomandidy can be reached via a paved road from the capital (a four hour’s drive) and has such amenities as a hospital, electricity and a high school. It takes about four to five hours to walk from their village of Fiadanana to Tsiroanomandidy.


THeir paretnal house in Faidanana

Donné and Doré's home in Fiadanana

Their family getting ready for the high school exam in Rural Madagascar - zahana

Thier family in front of their house in Fiadanana

Studying for the highschool entrance exam in rural Madagascar - zahana

Back at home in Fidanana studying for the test

The paretns seeing their sons off for the exam in the big city in Madagascar - zahana

The parents accompanied them to the exam in the city

waiting for the high school entranceexam to start in Madagascar

Mom and dad getting ready to see their sons off for the high school exam

Dinner in town the night before the exam

Dinner (hosted By Zahana) the night before the exam

Clothes for the high school exam in Madagascar

Clothes from 'Santa' for the upcoming high school exam

waiting for the exam to start

Anticipation or just waiting for the exam to start....