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Reforestation Assessment December 2013

The awards ceremony for the three most successful tree planters earlier this year had a lasting result in our communities. In the village of Fiadanana the 2013 results are:

Fiarenana, our other village, is the leader in the reforestation efforts with 11,798 trees for this season!

It is very encouraging for Zahana to see that the tree planting has indeed taken root in our communities. Please keep in mind that Madagascar is in the Southern hemisphere and it is summer and the dry season right now, when it is too hot to plant trees.

We had been inquiring with our partners in the villages how they came up with such a precise count of 11,798 trees planted? Most people would say “almost 12,000”. But the secret is in the book (see photos). Maintained by our Zahana gardener each tree planted is meticulously recorded, with the number of seedlings and the name of the person who planted it.


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