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The solar box cookers have arrived in the schools!

Solar box cookers used by Zahana in MadagascarOur solar box cookers have arrived in the village schools! These are the first pictures we got from Madagascar this morning.

Zahana bought the all Madagascar made solar box cookers from ADES (Association pour le Développement de l'Energie Solaire). ADES is a community benefit organization active in the South of the country with workshops where Malagasy woodworkers built solar box cookers with locally available materials.

After participating in a solar cooking training taught by ADES, our Zahana representative bought the cookers. He then took the solar box cookers, via the capital Antananarivo, to our villages. As you can see in the two pictures he is currently training the teachers on how to use solar cookers to cook rice and soup with the children’s for their school meals.

Stay tuned for more pictures and news.

solar box cooker at zahana's school in MAdagascar

Teaching the teacher to use the solar box cooker