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Reforestation in Action





Moringa in the school yard

Moringa oleifera tree in Madagascar

The Moringa oleifera tree grows faster than her

The happy marriage of our reforestation project and growing Moringa oleifera in the school is going very well. Involving the students early on in growing and later hopefully life-long eating of Moringa gives great hope for a brighter and healthier future. Once a steady supply of fresh Moringa Oleifera leaves is available right there in our schoolyard(s) it can be added to any meal or soup that is prepared in the school by and for the students. And to top it off: on sunny days in the school's solar cooker.

Moringa oleifrea seedsling in Madagascar

As an added bonus, we have our head teacher Mprany as a strong ally in this endeavor. After all, as an individual, he won a prize in 2013 among the three winners who had been planting the most threes that survived for a year. This prize has last been awareded in the community in 2016.