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Reforestation in Action

Both nurseries in our villages are growing lots of baby trees

A reforestatioj video about Zahana in Madagascar

Click on the image to watch the reforestation video on YouTube


In light of the ambitious reforestation project the community in Fiarenana decided to earmark the 1199 baby trees currently in their nursery for that purpose (eucalyptus, acacia, bibasse and mango).

mango seedling fro the community in Madagascar. Zahana.orgEspecially the mango seedlings are already quite sizeable and ready to be planted in a permanent location. Villagers themselves bringing tree seeds to the gardener, asking him to give them a try, is another sign that this idea is feasible. Eucalyptus, a tree that would not have been our first choice, was introduced in the village nursery this way.

Young trees are very vulnerable to weather changes, dry spells and roaming cattle. The first beginnings of a replanted forest is growing on the slopes behind Fiadanana’s school. The biggest chances for seedling survival are under the watchful eyes of the school children next door. This makes the children the ideal caretakers and lets them experience through participation that reforestation is indeed possible. It is our hope that as the children grow up the trees literally grow with them for years to come. (Feb. 2012)

Fiarenana's gardener with his new seedlings in Madagacar. Zahana.orgthe lattest trees in Fiadanana, Madagascar. Reforestation by

The gardener in Fiarenana and the new seedlings planted next to the school

planting trees in Madagascar. the new trees in Fiadanana, madagascar, planted by

The future forest planted on the slope behind the school in Fiadanana